About Mrs. Granoff

Ms. Granoff worked for nearly ten years at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission ARDC in Chicago, Illinois. She worked in both the litigation and intake division of the ARDC. In this capacity, Ms. Granoff reviewed thousands of complaints lodged against attorneys for alleged ethical violations. Ms. Granoff also prosecuted cases of attorney misconduct, assisted with the resolution of complaints, and gave ethical opinions on a wide variety of the law. In 2002, Ms. Granoff joined the law firm of William J. Martin Ltd. where she gained experience in the defense of lawyers in all stages of disciplinary proceedings. While in private practice, Ms. Granoff also began representing law students facing character and fitness issues.

Since opening her own law firm in 2002, Ms. Granoff has represented both lawyers and law students facing scrutiny either by the ARDC or Illinois Character and Fitness.

Ms. Granoff works closely and individually with her clients. Ms. Granoff has a unique combination of experience as both a prosecutor and ethics defense counsel. She navigates her clients through complex legal and ethics issues competently and efficiently. Ms. Granoff also consults with various sized law firms and sole practitioners to initiate preventative measures in order to avoid ethical violations.

Ms. Granoff decided to concentrate on Bar Application Assistance after many law students sought her professional services for Character and Fitness issues. Ms. Granoff has reviewed countless Bar Applications which were worded poorly, failed to properly disclose information, or improperly described past acts. Not only can Ms. Granoff assist with general questions concerning Bar Applications, she can assist students whose backgrounds have some blemishes and help any student to avoid, alleviate, or properly address Character and Fitness concerns.

Get Bar Exam Help

Congratulations, you have made it to Law School or you know that you eventually want to go to Law School. However, you have some things in your past, or your not so distant past that will likely cause Character and Fitness to scrutinize your admission application. These issues must be correctly addressed to your law school and the State bar. Failure to adequately disclose or disclosures handled wrong can stop you from admission to the State Bar.
You may need assistance from someone who can guide, advise, and counsel you on the process and assist you to gain admission.
Ms. Granoff has assisted students in applying for admission to the bar throughout the United States. Although only licensed in Illinois, Ms. Granoff consults with students on admission issues in all 50 states.


-Former Disciplinary Counsel, Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission.
-More than 15 years Private Practice Attorney who defends Attorneys against allegations of ethical misconduct.
-Defends Law Students before Character & Fitness.
-Lectures on Ethics.


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Chicago, IL. 60606