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    Congratulations, you have made it to Law School or you know that you eventually want
    to go to Law School. However, you have some things in your past, or your not so
    distant past that will likely cause Character and Fitness to scrutinize your
    admission application. These issues must be correctly addressed to
    your law school and the State Bar. Failure to adequately
    disclose or disclosures handled wrong can stop you from
    admission to the State Bar.
    You may need assistance from someone who can guide, advise,
    and counsel you on the process and assist you to gain admission.
    Ms. Granoff has assisted students in applying for admission
    to the bar throughout the United States. Although only licensed in
    Illinois, Ms. Granoff consults with students on admission issues
    in all 50 states.
  • Elizabeth A. Granoff Esq.

    Ms. Granoff has helped countless applicants with substance abuse problems,
    mental health issues, criminal convictions, omissions, juvenile violations,
    academic discipline, employment issues, financial difficulties, and more.
    She will help applicants compile their submissions and assist in the disclosure
    of sensitive past events in order to prevent the appearance of evasiveness.
    She counsels applicants in effective methods to rehabilitate their character
    when dealing with issues that might otherwise preclude admission to the bar.
  • Meeting Preparation

    Mrs. Granoff will give your case personal attention and work individually with
    you on a specific plan designed in your best interests. She will adequately
    prepare you for all meetings with committee members and honestly access your
    credibility, honesty, and professionalism.


227 West Monroe Suite 2650
Chicago, IL. 60606