"Thank you Liz. It was a real pleasure working with you. Honestly, I don't know who I would have turned to if you hadn't responded to my first email. I also have to thank all your past clients that said so many nice thing to say about you. I may have said this before, but it was their sincere appreciation they had for you that led me to contact you. And I am very happy I did. "

Maryland Applicant

"Everyone thinks they know how to fill out the bar application. I went through three year of law school how hard could this be? These are the exact words I muttered to myself as I began the application. However, when you are down to the last two weeks before the application is due, and you realize you have many incidents to explain, this is where Ms. Granoff is AMAZING.
The process is certainly scary. Ms. Granoff makes it A LOT easier. The stress levels of law school are already high enough and worrying about the bar application on your own is the wrong way to go. Whether you have a mental illness, have been arrested, have been fired from a previous job because of your poor performance, or all of the above, Ms. Granoff is the person to seek.
Ms. Granoff was there from the beginning to the end of the bar exam application and character process. Whether it was via email or phone conversations, Ms. Granoff’s services were above and beyond what I expected. She was available at any moment to easy my concerns, and most importantly she was not judgmental of my current and previous problems.
Finally, Ms. Granoff cares. She wants you to do well. This was apparent from the moment I spoke to her. I am very happy that I sought her services and I hope to keep in touch with her in the future about my successes as a lawyer."

Maryland Applicant

"Liz is noticeably experienced in the niche field of C&F applications; I highly recommend her to any law student under scrutiny by Character and Fitness! I made a great decision in retaining Liz: She guided me through the law school disclosure process after I realized that I failed to make certain disclosures on my law school application, she helped me navigate the Character and Fitness application which has strict expectations for transparency yet sometimes confusing requirements, and she coached me through a Character & Fitness Interview. Thanks to Liz, I was not disciplined by my law school and I was certified by Character and Fitness! Thanks Liz!"


"Liz is truly a lawyer's lawyer. She is a strong advocate, a wonderful resource, and a trusted advisor. Any attorney confronted with an ethical issue or desirous of having a reliable source of information attendant to ethical issues would do well to work with Liz."

Attorney for exempt and for-profit corporations, Chicago, Illinois

"Without Liz's guidance, it would have been much, much harder for me to gain admission to the Illinois Bar. I had a very serious character and fitness issue that took place the year before law school that I swept under the rug until my third year of law school. I called Liz early in my third year, desperate for help as the character and fitness deadline loomed in the distance. Liz first explained the process to me in substantial detail, and then collected all of my relevant information. Between then and the deadline for me to submit my character and fitness form, I had several meetings with Liz, and she helped me write a very powerful letter to the board of admissions that, I'm sure, helped my case. However, as we both expected, I was ultimately called in for an interview. Liz prepared me for the interview by asking me tons of practice questions, and the interview was a breeze because I had expected every question. I was certified on the spot. Without her help, I may still be dealing with the issue, and I may have missed the swearing in ceremony with the rest of my class. However, in addition to her shepherding me through the process, which she was clearly able to do successfully because of her intelligence and experience in handling these issues, she also became a close friend from the onset of the process, which made it much easier to go through. She reassured me that everything was going to be fine, and provided a shoulder for me to vent my frustrations. This was a very private matter for me, and she is one of the few people who knows about the affair. All to say, her compassion, kindness, and ability to listen and console me, and, above all, her ability to provide hope, was as helpful getting through the process as her legal advice. Liz is an incredible lawyer and an incredible human being, and I urge anyone with a character and fitness issue to be thankful that she's around. I'm going to be sworn because of her, and I look forward to a life-long friendship with her. Elizabeth Granoff's advice and counseling in completing the Character and Fitness evaluation and appearing in front of my Character and Fitness panel, helped me by giving me confidence and knowledge of what to expect. Her knowledge of the process and what would be required of me by the panel helped me in my preparation prior to meeting with the panel. I urge anyone who is faced with appearing before a Character and Fitness panel to contact Elizabeth for her expertise and advice. Thank you Elizabeth for your help and support during the process."

Former law student

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. It was apparent that you cared about the process/outcome and I appreciate that."

Plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney

"I successfully and expeditiously resolved the character & fitness aspect of my bar application thanks to help from Attorney Elizabeth Granoff. I highly recommend her services for anyone in need of help with any past character or fitness flaws. If you think you are going to have a problem, or know you are going to have a problem, the best thing you can do is retain Ms. Granoff. There are few attorneys who will or can help with the whole process, from before submitting your application all the way through your being cleared for admission. I searched and searched, luckily coming across Ms. Granoff’s name on an online forum. Preparation is key to a successful outcome. The risk of not getting admitted, after finishing law school and passing the bar, is too high not to make sure you set yourself up for success. I am not sure you can find anyone who will prepare you better than Ms. Granoff. My only regret is not hiring Ms. Granoff earlier. I was denied admission in the first state I applied, making any second admission attempt even harder. Fortunately for my second application to another state, Ms. Granoff was able to help me through the whole process. From preparing my application through interviewing with the admission committee, she counseled me the entire time. All the hard work paid off and I was admitted to the second state where I applied, largely thanks to Ms. Granoff’s help. Be smart and call Ms. Granoff NOW, even if you are only in the process of completing your law school applications. I believe I would have saved myself hours of trouble and stress if I had found her sooner, but better late than never. I am not sure I would be an attorney today if I had not had her help. "

Anonymous Successful Applicant

"Elizabeth is a very reliable and responsible attorney. She also take a genuine interest in all of the matters that she becomes involved with, whether it is a disgruntled client or attorney, she makes the individual feel like they are the most important thing in her day. Elizabeth holds herself to a higher standard, and that attitude carries over to everyone she comes in contact with."

Executive, information technology company

"I retained Elizabeth to handle my Character and Fitness Interview and wish that I had contacted her before submitting my application. When I filled out my application 1L year, I was not sure about what to include in a few sections. My law school told me to just use my best judgment and when I couldn't find information for some very minor sections (traffic tickets, high school records) I just left them blank. After passing the bar, I was shocked to get a letter from the Character and Fitness Committee and to learn that I might not get sworn in with my class. Having no clue about the process and having a very clean background, I went in for my initial interview without any assistance. My interviewer was difficult to work with and wanted to schedule another meeting or two. hey accused me of intentionally concealing information and I feel fortunate to have found Elizabeth who informed me of the process and my rights. After finding her with very little time to prepare, she worked with me to make sure that I aced my next interview and was confident that if the process went to a full hearing she would be there to advocate for me. I would recommend that anyone with questions about their application contact Elizabeth immediately to avoid the stress and hassle that I had to deal with. Being days away from getting sworn in, I should not have been stressing out, but celebrating."


"I contacted Elizabeth Granoff the day after Character & Fitness notified me that there was an issue with my application. With something as important as my bar application, I didn't want to take any chances. We met the next day and she instantly put me at ease about the entire process, explaining it thoroughly and easing the worry. Liz drafted my disclosure letter, proofed my C&F correspondence, and gave me necessary advice about tone and appearance. Several coaching sessions and a C&F interview later, and I've been certified to take the bar. This should have been a miserable process, but Liz made it bearable. The calming effect of her experience was as valuable as the substantive assistance she provided. I absolutely recommend Liz if you have any issues with Character & Fitness."

Client who recently was admitted

"During my character and fitness evaluation process, Ms. Granoff's assistance and expertise was extremely helpful. The process was difficult and challenging, but Ms. Granoff was constantly resourceful and supportive and she was available to answer questions that I had at any time. She was extraordinarily helpful in preparing me for my initial interview and made sure I knew exactly what to expect. She routinely reassured me that we would deal with the process one step at a time, and helped to me to prepare a thorough record that I could present to the Board of Admissions along the way. I would highly and readily recommend her services to anyone needing assistance applying to the bar."

Bar Exam Applicant

"Liz came highly recommended by several attorneys I know who had encountered some trouble when applying for the Illinois bar, so when I ran into some problems with my own bar application, I was fortunate to be able to work with her as I prepared for my dreaded interview with Character & Fitness. She worked with me extensively to prepare me for the very worst that could have been thrown at me during the interview, and by the time we were finished, the interview itself was a piece of cake. She was correct in every prediction she made, and this made the process as stress-free as possible. I was sworn in yesterday, and invited Liz to the ceremony because she was that big of a part of my success in getting my law license. I couldn't be happier and I have Liz to thank in large part."

Bar Exam Applicant

"Managing a mid sized litigation firm is no easy task, and I could not have been more pleased to have Elizabeth Granoff consulting for the firm. Elizabeth simply delivers results, and she developed some creative solutions for our management problems that others were not able to solve. Elizabeth is also a skilled problem facilitator: a client came to the office expressing deep unhappiness with his case and his attorney Elizabeth honed in on the client's core needs, and validated his concerns, without sacrificing the attorney's own credibility and self-esteem. In the end, the client felt heard and understood (he also paid his balance that day!), the firm's attorney felt that his good efforts in the case were validated, and the attorney and client both left the meeting re-energized, bonded, and committed to do a good result in the case. Elizabeth has the skills to not only help build the firm's business, but preserve it, and that's just one of many skills that I have highly valued in her consulting work with the firm."

Sole practitioner, Geneva, Illinois

"Thank you very much for all your help. I wouldn't have made it without you. I was lucky to find someone with your level of experience and knowledge. I will refer anyone I know to you in the future."

Client who recently was admitted

When I had a problem involving admission to the Illinois bar, Elizabeth helped me avoid mistakes I would have made if I had not had her counsel. Her knowledge of the admissions process focused me on making the right steps to resolve the problem.

Law Student who hired Ms. Granoff to assist in State Bar Admissions Counseling

"Thank you very much for all your help. I wouldn't have made it without you. I was lucky to find someone with your level of experience and knowledge. I will refer anyone I know to you in the future.

Client who recently was admitted to a State Bar

"Elizabeth Granoff's advice and counseling in completing the Character and Fitness evaluation and appearing in front of my Character and Fitness panel, helped me by giving me confidence and knowledge of what to expect. Her knowledge of the process and what would be required of me by the panel helped me in my preparation prior to meeting with the panel. I urge anyone who is faced with appearing before a Character and Fitness panel to contact Elizabeth for her expertise and advice. Thank you Elizabeth for your help and support during the process"

Former law student now an attorney in private practice in a mid-size law firm

"It is incredibly stressful to have an issue with the C&F process. When seeking help, it is important to find someone that is tenaciously tough and considerably compassionate. Ms. Granoff is that person. She rigorously prepared me for a tenacious interview so when the actual interview came around I was able to answer any question that was thrown my way with confidence and poise. Her role plays were tougher than the actual interview, but it is vital to train for a half-mile race by running mile intervals. Ms. Granoff's hard-nosed approach is graciously complimented by her unique ability to put her client's mind at ease. I had no idea what the process was or how long it would take to clear up my C&F issue. She helps clear up the shroud of mystery that surrounds the C&F process by realistically setting expectations, allowing me to breathe easy and focus my energy on actually handling the issue. I highly recommend anyone dealing with C&F issues to enlist Ms. Granoff's help...and quickly.

Bar Exam Applicant


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